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3 Canopy side rails2 4 Back Canopy rail from the inside2

Canopy side rails

Back canopy rail from inside

6 Frame in place2
5 Canopy taped for installation on frame2

Canopy taped for installation on  frame

Frame in place

8 Ready to glue on the canopy2
7 Instrument panel hood painted2

Instrument panel hood painted

Ready to glue on the canopy

9 Another view2 10 Canopy glued in place

Canopy glued

Canopy glued in place

11 Canope sawed away from air screen2
12 Filled around bottom of wind screen

Canopy sawed away from air screen

Filled around air screen

14 Ready for Flightmetal aluminum on canopy & wind screen2
13 Fill primed2

Fill primed

Ready for Flight-Metal aluminum

15 Set up to add Flightmetal aluminum2 16 Added Flightmetal

Set up to add Flight-Metal

Added Flight-Metal

17 Left side added2
18 Many rivets added2

Left side added

Many rivets added

19 More rivets
20 Finished Canope

More rivets

Finished canopy

21 Canope open2
22 Left side view2

Canopy open

Left side view

23 Finished canopy & cockpit with pilot 24 Another view of finished canopy & cockpit

 Finished canopy & cockpit with pilot

 Another view of finished canopy & cockpit

25 Canopy & cockpit

 Canopy & cockpit

Tail Assembly is the next section

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