Karl Reinbold

Karl Reinbold Muffler

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In September 2012 I contacted Karl Reinbold to develop a new smoke muffler that would fit inside the cowl with the exhaust exit location to be the same as the full size PT-17. As you will see in the pictures below Karl did a great job making the new muffler. Following is Karl’s contact information:

Mr. Karl Reinbold, Bold Mufflers, 423 SW Log Road, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953

E-mail: karlboldmufflers@gmail.com


2 Exhaust outlet tube centered

 Exhaust outlet tube centered

5 Attaching point added

  Attaching point added

8 Muffler tail Pipe

Muffler exhaust pipe

11 New muffler beside mock-up muffler
3 Clearance front & back

 Clearance front & back

6 Plenty of clearance with cowl in place

  Plenty of clearance with cowl in place

9 Tail pipe is 1 inch diameter

Exhaust pipe is 1 inch diameter

12 Muffler view 2
4 Muffler box hanger

 Muffler box hanger

7 This part of the cowl  will be filled now that there is ample clearance

 This part of the cowl  will be filled now that there is ample clearance

10 Finished muffler mock-up

 Finished muffler mock-up

13 Muffler view 3

 New muffler beside mock-up muffler

 Muffler view 2

 Muffler view 3

14 Muffler view 4 15 Muffler view 5
16 Muffler view 6


 Muffler view 4

 Muffler view 5

 Muffler view 6

17 Muffler view 7

 Muffler view 7

Cowl & Muffler

18 Muffler view 8

 Muffler view 8

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December 1, 2012

According to The Weather Channel Control Tower, the weather conditions at the Hanger are: