Finished N450SH


Finished N450SH

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1 Finished except for cockpit & headrest for turtle deck 2 N450SH from the right rear

 Finished except for cockpit & headrest for turtle deck

 N450SH from the right rear

3 Walt's finished model of John's PT-17 N450SH2 4 Finished left side

Walt's finished model of John Hodgson’s PT-17 N450SH

 Finished left side

5 Finished right side 6 Stearman, Bulldog & tail light

  Finished right side

 Stearman, Bulldog & tail light

7 Red navigation light 8 Green Navigation light

 Red navigation light

Green navigation light

9 Landingl lights down & on 10 Right walkway finished

Landing lights down & on

 Right walkway finished

11 Left walkway finished

Left walkway finished

Ace Wing Carrier Bags

September 8, 2012

According to The Weather Channel Control Tower, the weather conditions at the Hanger are:


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