Full Scale Aircraft

 Full Scale Aircraft

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1 John Hodgson’s PT-17 N450SH with the smoke on over the Livermore Valley California

John Hodgson's  September 17, 2012 take off from Buchanan Field at Concord, CA in his PT-17 Stearman N450SH. You gotta love the sound of his engine!

1944 Aussie Mosquito Aircraft Manufacturing

This is a W.W.II film about the manufacture of a wooden war plane used in the war. Very interesting. NO film such as this has been produced in America since W.W.II. This was Aussie. Amazing what was done with wood. Aussie Mosquitoes 1944 - 4 Bolts, 4 Nuts hold each engine, that's it. They would do 400+ MPH!


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