P-38 Lighting by Muratuka

I bought this airplane on the Internet in October 1999 & it took 23 months to build.  The Kit was an old Royal kit, which was revived by Muratuka. This was a very difficult airplane to build.  The fuselage was completely planked and the wings, elevator and rudder were sheeted with balsa. Then the whole airplane was covered with fiberglass, primed sanded and painted using automotive base coat /clear coat paint. I added Flaps and Spring Air retracts which added a lot of extra build time. This is a relatively small plane to hold a receiver, 11 servos, and an air tank but I got them ALL in with no room to spare. The P-38 weighed in at 13.5 pounds.

I used the following Equipment:

·JR XP8103S 8 channel radio with 940S receiver & as I said before 11 servo’s.
·Two Saito FA-56 4 Stroke Engine turning two 11x8 3 bladed Zinger Props.
·Terry Holston from my RC Club, Fort Wayne Flying Circuits, made me two scale engine cowls out of fiberglass & did an expert job. Terry’s web site is:  http://terry_holston.tripod.com/
·Tru Turn Spinner for 3 bladed Prop.
·EMS JOMAR twin glow drivers that turned on at or below ¼ throttles to start the engines. This gave the airplane positive glow below ¼ throttles for both take off & landings.
·Spring Air Retracts.
·Two 10 ounce Sullivan fuel tank.
·Two Du-Bro fuel filler valve.
·The entire airplane was covered with fiberglass and primed sanded and painted aluminum & trimmed in red automotive clear coat paint.

The first four flights were great but on the fifth flight the P-38 tip stalled in a turn with the flaps extended and crashed! The Airplane was totaled. However, I had two engines, the radio equipment including 11 servos’s, retract gear, etc. to start my next project

P-38 ready to fly September 2001

P-38 Ready to fly, September 2001


P-38 Ready to fly, September 2001

Note flaps are down

P-38, Flaps down

Note Du-Bro rubber shock mounting. 023

P-38 Ready to fly, September 2001

Note operating gear doors

Operating gear doors

Note Tru Turn Spinner and 3 Bladed props.

Tru Turn Spinner and 3 bladed props

Ready for fiberglassing

Du-Bro rubber shock mounting

Fiberglassed and primed, ready for sanding

Planked and balsa covered
Fiberglassed and primed ready to sand

Planked and balsa covered

Ready for fiberglassing

Note Cowl by Terry Holston

Cowl by Terry Holston

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