Train Pictures


Train Pictures

Train Pictures added 7-20-09

    Weather your old or young, you will really enjoy these pictures, days gone by but not forgotten.  Those of us who saw these coming down the track on a cold winter morning or heard that lonesome whistle moan won't soon forget the sight, or sound.


     Heber City , Utah February 7, 2006.


     2-8-0 #43 Nevada Northern, Ely , Nevada . February 2004.


  I New Hope & Ivyland at New Hope , PA 12-21-08.


  Above & below: At King Road in Owosso, Michigan , Pere Marquette 1225, a 2-8-4 Berkshire , pours it on with a freight from history next to a Ford Model A pickup on September 27, 2008, recreating a scene from the good old days.


  Steaming down memory lane is Pere Marquette 1225 Owosso, Michigan September 27, 2008 


    Heber City , Utah . Union Pacific 2-8-0 #618 and a 1953 Buick Super. This has to be the classic of classic photos! It defies time itself. When I saw this photo, I was transported back to those wonderful days when life was full of simple pleasures, back when we were satisfied with less and happy to walk instead of ride. This is February 6, 2007 when time and eternity intersect at this crossing. And to think that you and I, and others, once had a stage like this every day for the greatest performance ever. Oh what the generation of today has missed. Great Memories!.

Antonov 225 is next

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