PT-17 Stearman


Ziroli PT-17 Stearman 77” Wing

  •          This PT-17 was designed by Nick Ziroli, Smithtown, NY. I purchased the prints from Nick Ziroli Plans and the precut kit from The Airplane Works, Martinsville, NJ.

              The airplane was built during 2002 and finished in May of 2003. It was flown the first time on June 7, 2003. It has a total of 18 flights which averaged 15 minutes each.

              Two flights were made on April 14, 2005 to try out the new B & B Smoke system. The system worked flawlessly and made white billows of smoke. Pictures of the B&B installation were added to this section on April 26, 2005. 


    ·In April, 2005 I added the B&B Specialties Super Smoke Pumper with Control Valve, 16 oz. smoke oil tank & DuBro fill valve.
    ·JR XP8103S 8 channel Radio with 940S Receiver, Includes four Ultra Torque Servo’s # JRPS8411 on control surfaces and Servo #JRPS531 on Engine control. Includes a JR Transmitter Case.
    ·Qudra-Arrow Q-400 Gas Engine C& H Jump Start System.
    ·Mejzlik Carbon Fiber 18x10 Prop
    ·Du-Bro 24 oz. fuel tank and fuel fill valve.
    ·Robart PT17Z struts and # 13850A2 wheels.
    ·Fiberglass Specialties wheel pants and cowl.
    ·Covered with Koverall fabric.
    ·Painted 2003 VW Yellow and trimmed in VW Red. 
    ·Goebel Instrument Panel.

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1 Ready to cover

Ready to cover

3 Fuslage Front with dummy radial engine.

 Fuselage with dummy radial engine

4a Ready to cover

Top Wing, ready to cover

6 Covered control surfaces

 Covered control surfaces

7 Pool Table PT-17

Steaman on pool table

9 Terry Holston Starting  the Stearman

Terry Holston starting Stearman

11 Take-Off

Take off

13 Smoke-on

 Smoke on

15 Very Low Pass

Very low pass

17 Slow Roll

Slow roll

19 Touch & Go

Touch & go

21 Landing complete

Taxiing back

2 Side view

Side View

4 Bottom wing  ready to cover

Bottom wing ready to covering

5 Wing half covered

Wing, half covered

7 Covered fuselage

Fuselage covered

8 Steerman ready for first flight

Stearman ready for first Flight

10 Ready For Take-off

Ready for takeoff

12 First Flight June 7, 2003.

First Flight June 3, 2003

14 Stearman with Smoke

Stearman with smoke

16 Doing a loop

Doing a loop

18 Knife Edge

Knife edge

20 Landing


22 Great filght complete

Great Flight

     In April, 2005 I added the B&B Specialities super smoke pumper with control valve, 16 oz. smoke oil tank & DuBro fill valve.                                                

#1 B & B Smoke System

         B & B smoke system         

#3 Muffler Smoke Set-Up

Muffler smoke setup

#5 Stearman Engine from Bottom

Qudra-Arrow Q-400 gas engine

#7 Fuel & Oil Vents

Fuel & oil vents

P-38 Lightning is next

#2 Another view B & B Smoke System

Another view of the smoke system                

#4 Stearman Fuel Set-UP

Stearman fuel setup

#6 Stearman

Stearman Q-400 engine

#8 Stearmann Pilot

Stearman Pilot

#9 New Carbon Fiber Prop

Mejzlik Carbon Fiber 18x10 prop

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