Hanger 9 
Toledo Special


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Hanger 9 Toledo Special 

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   My Hanger 9 "Toledo Special" was delivered on July 2, 2009. Following are the Specifications' & Equipment used building this airplane:


  • Wingspan:        69.5 in
  • Length:          50.8 in
  • Wing Area:       702.8 sq in
  • Weight:          6 lb 13 oz


  • Transmitter:       JR 10X
  • Servos:            Five DS-821 Digital Sport Servos
  • Receiver Battery:   HydriMax 2000mAh
  • Glow Driver:        Electro Dynamics EDR-103
  • Engine:            Saito FA -82 Four Stroke
  • Prop:              APC 13 X 8                                         
2 Another view of theToledo Special.
1 Balancing the Toledo Special.

 Balancing the Toledo Special

Another view of the Toledo Special

4 Great Planes Balancer
3 Saito FA-82 4 Stroke Engine.

  Balancing the Toledo Special

 Great Planes Balancer 

5 Glowlite, charge jacks & receiver on off switch. 6 Plenty of room for everything.

 Glowlite, charge jacks & receiver on off switch.

 Plenty of room for everything

7 View of the Fuel Tank

  View of the fuel tank

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