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 Hawker Sea Fury

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June 10, 2016

 I patterned my Hawker Sea Fury after Robin Crandall’s beautiful “Sawbones”. A complete write-up follows the video's & pictures.

 Sawbones Video’s

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Sawbones Full Circle

 Sawbones Full Circle

2012 Sawbones at Reno

 2012 Sawbones at Reno

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Sea Fury Kit




Wing Hatches

Main Gear

Tail Wheel


Moki Engine


Wayne Wood

Bill Freeland

Greg Foushi

Top Gum 2015

David Hart Pictures

 RC Magazine by Kazuhiko

Tail & Landing Lights

S250 Moki Tune-Up

Servo control linkage fairing


Control Panel Hatch


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Top Gun 2014

Navigation Lights


Sawbones Details Added

Top Gun 2016

Top Gun 2016 Flight

PT-17 N450SH

Robin Crandall’s Hawker Sea Fury Sawbones

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1 Sawbones

 Sawbones 1

3 Sawbones

The design of the Skull is really quite unique. The total black image inside the skull is the Sea Fury from the top. The mouth of the skull is the wings & the skull nose is the tail.

5 Sawbones

 Sawbones 5

7 Sawbones

 Sawbones 7

9 Sawbones

Sawbones 9

11 SAwbones

 Sawbones 11

Sawbones 16

 Sawbones 16

22 Sawbones

 Sawbones 22

12 Sawbones

 Sawbones 12

Sawbones 12c

 Sawbones 12b

15  Robin Crandall flying Sawbones on October 16,2013

 Robin Crandall flying Sawbones on October 16,2013

19 Sawbones

 Sawbones 19

2 Sawbones

 Sawbones 2

4 Sawbones

Sawbones 4

6 Sawbones

 Sawbones 6

8 Sawbones

Sawbones 8

10 Sawbones

 Sawbones 10

Sawbones 15

 Sawbones 15

21 Sawbones

 Sawbones 211

Sawmones 23

 Sawbones 23

Sawbones 12a

 Sawbones 12a

Sawbones 12b

 Sawbones 12c

16 Sawbones is a beauyiful Sea Fury

 Sawbones is a beautiful Sea Fury

20 Sawbones

 Sawbones 20

 The Hawker Sea Fury was a British fighter aircraft developed for the Royal Navy by Hawker during the Second World War. The last piston-driven fighter to serve with the Royal Navy, it was also one of the fastest production single engine piston driven aircraft ever built reaching a speed of 485 mph. A demilitarized Sea Fury holds the unofficial speed-record for a piston-engined aircraft in level flight at 547 mph.

I will patterned  my Hawker Sea Fury after Robin Crandall’s beautiful “Sawbones” which started life as Sea Fury FB.11, N71GB & was originally delivered to the Iraqi AF as 325, November, 1953. N71GB was originally brought over from Iraq by Talichet and Jurist in the 1980's.  The fuselage was "used" but the wings and tail section were "new" according to logbooks.  The aircraft was originally an FB-11, but has the slightly larger MK-20 horizontal stabilizer and was built up by George Baker who retained it as his personal airshow aircraft calling it "Sky Fury".

As were most of these aircraft from Iraq, the original Bristol-Centaurus engine was removed and replaced with the Wright "Cyclone" R-3350-26, basically a Skyraider engine.  The aircraft passed through several owners and has been raced at Reno several times.  It is a competitive aircraft taking second place in the unlimited silver when last raced in 2009.  The oil cooling system has been reworked by Nelson Ezell.

The fuel system on N71GB has been simplified to incorporate one large newly installed fuselage tank of 140 gallons and only one reserve integral wing tank.  Two 90 gallon drop tanks can be used for longer range flights. The other wing tanks have been converted to spray bar cooling water on the left side, and ADI fluid on the right. The instrument panel has been modernized with recent digital nav/coms, GPS, HSI, fuel flow meter and other safety features.

Owner & Pilot, Robin Crandall is a practicing Orthopedist (hence the name Sawbones) as well as an accomplished pilot. He can often be seen flying his SNJ with the performance team T-6 Thunder and most recently Sawbones!  Robin will fly Sawbones from his home base in Blaine, MN to Reno to compete in the 2013  National Championship Air Races.

You can find out more about Sawbones at:

I purchased my Hawker Sea Fury Kit, Seidel Prop & Moki S250 gas engine on June 19, 2013 from Vogelsang Aeroscale. You can visit this website at:

SHawker Sea Fury Sawbones Specifications:

  • Scale:          1:4.5
  • Wingspan:   102.3 inches
  • Length:       92.5 inches
  • Weight:      44+ pounds
  • Engine:       250 cc Gas

Moki S250 5 cylinder Radial 4 Stroke Gas

  • Displacement: 250 ccm
  • Output:  15 hp
  • Weight: 12.3 lbs

Seidel Props

  • 29 x 16 Scale 4 Blade Propeller

Radio Equipment:

  • DX18QQ Quique Somenzini  Special Limited Edition Transmitter by Spectrum Number 1755 of 2000
  • DX18QQ Quique Special Edition w/AR12120, , X-Plus 8, Mode 2 Transmitter by Spektrum
  • AR12120 12-Channel DSMX X-Plus 8 Power Safe Receiver by Spektrum
  • 1-JR DS8711 Ultra Torque Digital Servo's, 403 oz/in. of torque used on the rudder
  • 8-JR DS8411 Digital Ultra Torque Servo’s, 188 oz/in. torque, 2 Aileron, 2 Elevators & 4 Flaps
  • 3-JR DS9411 Ultra Torque Mid Size Servo’s, 2-main gear doors & 1-tail wheel doors
  • 2 JR JRP368BB Premium Digital Servo's on to operate two BVM Hi- Flow retract valves
  • 2 JR JRP368BB Premium Digital Servo's on to operate two retractable landing lights
  • 2-JR-537 Non digital Ball Bearing Servo’s, 1-throttle & 1 choke
  • 2-JRPB5013 Battery Pack 4500 mAH for AR12120 Receiver
  • 2-JRPB5008 Battery Pack 2700 mAH, 1 Engine & 1 X-Plus 8 Receiver
  • 2-JRPA004 Charge Switches, 1 Engine & 1 X-Plus 8 Receiver

Power Box

  • I-Gyro 3E Ailerons, Elevators & 1 Rudder

Dan Gill-Detail 4 Scale

  • Wing fuel tanks, smoke generators & pitot tubes.
  • Navigation & tai

Unilight-Landing Lights

Jersey Modeler RC Fuel Filler System

Trossen Robotic-1-Firgelli FR-L1-!00-210-6-1 Linear Motion Actuator to open & canopy

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